Thursday, September 21 , 13:30 - 15:30
Lehar 2

Oral Seq#21
Bulk-fill - Composites

Chairpersons: D. Watts and V. Miletic

S0180 Cuspal deflection in model dental cavities during resin-composite photopolymerization
David Watts

0181 Polymer and Mechanical Characteristics of Bulk-fill, Low-shrinkage and Hybrid Composites
Vesna Miletic

0182 Two- and Three Body Wear of Bulk-fill Composites
Karsten Dede

0183 Assessment of the Performance of Flowable and Sculptable Bulk-fill Composites
Elizabeta Gjorgievska

S0184 Withdrawn

S0185 Effect Of Interface Surface-texture On Fracture Behavior Of Bi-layered Composites
Tarek Omran

S0186 Effect of Beverages on the Surface Properties of Bulk-Fill Composites
Zeynep Batu

0187 Effects of Instrument Lubricants on Hardness of a Resin Composite
Cigdem Celik