Thursday, September 21 , 16:00 - 18:00
Lehar 3

Oral Seq#22
Pulp Anti-Inflammatory Activity as a Pre-requisite for Pulp Regeneration

Chairpersons: I. About and H. Agis

0188 Hypoxia and the hypoxia mimetic agent L-mimosine can increase the production of angiopoietin-like 4 in oral cells
Hermann Agis

S0189 Human pulp fibroblast involvement in bacteria opsonization via complement C3b secretion
Chloé Le Fournis

S0190 Complement receptor-1 detection in the dental pulp fibroblasts and its implication in phagocytosis
Christina Hadjichristou
This research was supported by the "2016 CED-IADR Visiting Scholar Grant".

S0191 Pulp Healing Under Pulp Capping Materials in vitro
Thomas Giraud

0192 Pulp Capping Materials Modulate the Pulp Inflammatory Activity
Charlotte Jeanneau

S0193 A-PRF Revascularization of Immature Teeth: Success Rate after 6 Months
Dubravka Turjanski

S0194 A CBCT Evaluation and Histological Analysis of a Human Immature Permanent Tooth After Revascularization/Revitalization Procedure.
Heeresh Shetty

0195 Efficacy and safety of photon induced photoacoustic streaming for removal of calcium hydroxide in endodontic treatment
Barbara Cvikl