Friday, September 22 , 08:30 - 10:00
Lehar 2

Oral Seq#29
CAD-CAM Blocks

Chairpersons: E. Can Say and M. Rosentritt

0223 Bonding of hybrid-ceramic and composite CAD/CAM materials to dentin
Esra Can Say

S0224 CAD/CAM Surface Pretreatment Impact on Luting-Composites Bonding Performance
Hazem Abouelleil Sayed

0225 Effect of Hydroxyapatite on the Bond Strength Between Cad/Cam Ceramics and an Adhesive Resin Cement
Nurdan Polat Sagsoz

0226 Influence of preparation, fitting and cementation on the vitro performance and fracture resistance of CAD/CAM crowns
Martin Rosentritt

S0227 MicroCT evaluation of the marginal/internal fit of cemented hybrid-ceramic crowns
Rinet Dauti

0228 Color Stability and Surface Properties of Restorative Materials Following Exposure to Energy Drinks
Nazli Sirinsukan