Friday, September 22 , 13:30 - 15:30
Lehar 3

Oral Seq#55
Periodontal Research: Systemic Factors and Links

Chairpersons: J. Eberhard and A. Salminen

S0402 Prevalence And Severity Of Gingival Enlargement In Renal Transplant Patients Treated With Tacrolimus
Elizabeth Casañas

0403 Periodontitis Prevalence and Association with Sociodemographic and Behavioral Factors in an Adult Population in Istanbul.
Ulku Baser

S0404 Inflammatory Response in Periodontitis is Associated with Body Mass Index
Aino Salminen

0405 The Effect of Exercise on Periodontal Parameters in Obese Women
Begum Orucguney

0406 Geometry of macronutrients and bone loss: an innovative framework for the study of diet and oral health
Joerg Eberhard

S0407 Alveolar bone microstructural modifications induced by weight gain in rats
Fabio Leite

S0408 Does periodontal furcation involvement of upper molars affect the Schneiderian membrane? A retrospective study
Markus Laky

0409 The Relationship between Periodontitis and Rheumatic Heart Valve Diseases
Aysegul Sari