Saturday, September 23 , 08:30 - 10:00
Lehar 2

Oral Seq#63
Foundation for Decision-making in Dentistry

Chairpersons: J. Ashraf and F. Beck

S0437 Observation of Retromolar Canal of the Mandible Using Cone-Beam Computed Tomography
Melek Tassoker

S0438 Investigation of the Tooth Extraction Reasons in a Turkish Subpopulation
Funda Basturk

0439 Impacted teeth: Prevalence and characteristics in Turkish children and adolescents.
Pinar Kinay Taran

S0440 The Prevalence of Bolton Discrepancy in Romanian Orthodontic Patients
Anca Mesaros

S0441 Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) in relation to Migraine attacks and medication
Javed Ashraf

0442 Quality of Reporting of Observational Studies in Colombian Dental Journals
Jose Pieruccini