Saturday, September 23 , 08:30 - 10:00
Lehar 4

Oral Seq#65
Assessments of Factors Influencing Craniofacial Development in Health and Disease

Chairpersons: U. Schwarze and A. Shabaan

0449 Volumetric MRI Evaluation of Tongue/Mandible ratio in Children with Obstructive Aleep Apnea
Krishna Sharma

S0450 Aging doesn’t impact bone marrow adipose content in rat mandibles
Xavier Coutel

S0451 Size changes in miR-21 knockout mice: geometrics morphometrics on teeth, alveolar bone and mandible
Uwe Schwarze

0452 Withdrawn

0452.1 Osseointegration of atmospheric plasma-sprayed PEEK implants: Experimental study in dogs
Alshaimaa Shabaan

0452.2 Effect of bone heights on stress distribution of implant-retained overdentures
Gokce Soganci