Saturday, September 23 , 10:30 - 12:30
Lehar 3

Oral Seq#68
Implantology Research: from Perio-implantitis and Bone Augmentation to Zirconia Implants

Chairpersons: W. Grimm and O. Koldsland

S0464 Comparison of Membranes in Regenerative Surgical Treatment of Peri-implantitis
Sila Isler

0465 Surgical treatment of peri-implantitis
Odd Carsten Koldsland

0466 One stage vertical augmentation and immediat implantation with Allogenous Bone Rings: Clinical Results one year after surgery
Thomas Nord

S0467 Is it possible to restore the atrophied posterior mandible with ridge splitting and short implants? A six months post loading RCT of two different techniques utilizing piezoelectric bone cutters
Mahmoud Moussa

S0468 Maxillary sinus augmentation with the use of lateral window technique: a retrospective clinical analysis of 111 implants.
Sofia Papadiochou

S0469 Thrombogenicity of sol-gel derived TiO2 coated zirconia
Khalil Shahramian

0470 Osseointegration of different implant surfaces in Osteoporotic Sheep
Wolf-Dieter Grimm

S0471 Bone Tissue Responses to Zirconia Implants Modified by Biomimetic Coating
Fei Teng