Saturday, September 23 , 10:30 - 12:30
Lehar 4

Oral Seq#69
Effectiveness of Oral Care

Chairpersons: V. Ansteinsson and K. Sengupta

0472 Gingival Health Status in Individuals using Different Types of Toothpaste
Anne Marie Lynge Pedersen

0473 Abrasion and cleaning performance of natural cellulose particles as substitutes for microplastics and silica in toothpastes.
Alessa Huneke

0474 Calculus Formation Following use of products with Calcium-Silicate/Sodium Phosphate Salts
Joon Seong

S0475 Clinical-Microbiological Effectiveness of Using Electric- versus Hand-Toothbrush in Orthodontic Treatment
Susann Kecsmar

0476 A Two Year Incidence Of Dental Erosion And Association Between Different Factors In Turkish Schoolchildren
Zeynep Dereli

0477 Oral manifestation related to snus use among adolescent in Norway
Vibeke Ansteinsson

S0478 Trends in Oral Health Inequalities Among Adolescents: A Spatiotemporal Analysis
Kaushik Sengupta

0479 Salivary dysfunction and quality of life in primary Sjögren’s syndrome
Rosa María López-Pintor